Tropicana BBQ Tee

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Product Information:

This Stylish Tee is a must for any pet lovers, not only is it cute and stylish for any pooch it is comfortable and cosy for any fur baby,great for outage social occasions. 


*20% Cotton 80% Polyester

*Button up at the front

*Beautiful Tropical Pattern


 Care Instructions:

Hand Wash or cold machine wash

Not recommended for extreme rough wear


Size : 

Please Insure to measure your Pooch correctly to avoid buying the wronge size, refer to our size guide on how to measure your pooch.

XXS 24cm Neck-28cm Chest-21cm Length

XS 26cm Neck-38cm Chest-23cm Length

S 32cm Neck-48cm Chest-27cm Length

M 39cm Neck-58cm Chest-33cm Length

L 49cm Neck-68cm Chest-38cm Length

NOTE: Recommended to go by Chest Measurements to determine best size for your pooch.

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